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My name is Delia

Hi, my name is Delia and I’m happy to be your guide in this beautiful inner journey of health and holistic nutrition. I write about holistic nutrition, which means the food we offer to our body, mind and soul. I started my own journey after a cancer diagnosis in 2011, which completely changed my life. In order to regain my health back I have learned nutrition and holistic therapies, changed my lifestyle and basically started a new and healthy life. I strongly belief that there is no incurables disease, that everyone can heal through faith in God, a change in life and mentality and practicing love, forgiveness and peace. Whether you’re a patient, a caregiver or just interested in prevention and a better well being, welcome to my holistic and sacred space!
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What other holistic people say about me

  • Certainly your health is the most expensive gift. Delia writes on Holistherapy about everything you need to know on how to create a well-being : from organic, healthy food, wonderful recipes, ideas, practical tips, spirituality, alternative therapies, healing love. We can free ourselves from illness and suffering through changing our perspective about life.

    Vanda Jianu Psychologist
  • Highly appreciating the materials on Delia’s website, especially the later ones, that show a ton of accumulated knowledge and experience, but also great attention to the smallest details and the latest research and scientific discoveries - quite rare in the world of holistic sciences these days. More about me

    Luke Pranay Holistic Educator

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