Holistic nutrition and the teachings of Master Aivanhov

Many people ask me what I mean by „Holistic Nutrition”! In 2012, when I started my job as a health blogger and thought about the concept I want to promote, I defined it as: “the state of health that our being can reach through the proper nourishment of the physical, emotional, mental and the spiritual body”. I did not know then this is “Holistic Nutrition.”

At that time, I did not even understand how this nutrition works for the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body, but I instinctively felt this is the way I have to go.

I felt that healthy food is not enough – although absolutely necessary – to prevent imbalances (diseases) and promote healing.

You are responsible for the nourishment of your entire being, on all its planes.

Man possesses not only a physical body, but also more subtle bodies, the headquarters of his psychic and spiritual functions (the etheric, astral, mental, causal, buddhic, atmic bodies), and the issue here is that he has to find out how to nourish these subtle bodies which, as a consequence of his ignorance, often remain without unnourished.”

– Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov: Yoga Nutrition –

As time passed and as I myself was healing and balancing my life, I began a deeper study on nutrition, the energy of life, emotional balancing, positive mental programming techniques and spirituality.

Because, as Master Aivanhov says, it is important for one to know how to feed these subtle bodies, of whose existence one may not even be conscious.

Feeding the physical body

It is easy for us to nourish our physical body, as this is the plane we see and feel. Today, people are becoming more aware of the importance of healthy eating, and information is easy to obtain and available for anyone who wants to access it.

Today there are so many books, websites, magazines, TV shows, seminars, workshops, etc. about healthy nutrition, that accessing them can only be limited by yourself and your intent.

Because even on my website you can find a lot of information about healthy nutrition, raw food, and recipes with healthy and nutritious ingredients, I don’t want to dwell on this subject too much.

In what regards the physical body, the master says “Man knows almost everything he or she can offer to his physical body,” with this “almost everything” coming from the fact that most people consume meat, which “is harmful to their physical and mental health.”

Feeding the etheric body (energetic)

The etheric or energetic body is the level immediately superior to the physical body, and although is a subtle level, it is relatively perceptible by most of us.

The energy of the etheric body is breath. The first thing we do when we come into this world is to inspire, and likewise, when we leave this world, we do it through an expiration. Between these two moments there is a long series of breaths.

Through our breath we feed on PRANA / Energy of Life. You’ve probably heard there are some people in the world who claim they don’t eat food and just live on prana. Personally, I haven’t reached the level of knowledge that allows me to understand the phenomenon, so I cannot express my opinion on it.

It is said that our number of breaths is limited, and the less we breathe more and more profoundly, the longer we live.

In terms of breathing patterns, there are 3:

  1. Abdominal breathing, diaphragmatic – is the type of breathing that ensures the greatest flow of energy. In addition, this breath energizes the solar plexus area and, through the diaphragm, performs an internal massage of the abdominal organs.
  2. Chest, costal breathing – is the most common form of breathing, but it is not the most beneficial. Ensures a small flow of energy, thus increasing the number of breaths. And as I said above, this number is limited.
  3. Clavicular Breath – is the short breathing, using only the first third of the lungs. It is the cause of many health conditions, the amount of vital energy brought into the body being insufficient.

Here’s how, just by simply exercising breathing and developing the habit of breathing abdominally, as we did when we were children, we can create all the premises for a good health.

Master Aivanhov advises: “When eating, you have to stop occasionally and breathe deeply so that this combustion allows the etheric body to extract the food from the most subtle particles. The etheric body is the carrier of vitality, memory and sensitivity, and you will benefit from its good development. ”

Feeding the astral body

The astral body is the place of emotions and feelings. Although not as perceptible as the physical or etheric body, the astral body is what we can call “feeling”.

The astral body is nourished with love.

By meditating on food with love, you will prepare the astral body to extract particles more precious than the etheric particles. When the astral body has absorbed these elements, it has all the potential to awaken feelings of an extremely high level: love for the whole world, the feeling of happiness, peace, living in harmony with nature. ”

Here’s how simple it is! There is a saying: “love passes through the stomach” and I think it’s very true. When you prepare food, infuse it with loving feelings, look at it with love and think about how beneficial it is. Food tastes differently from home to home, chef to chef, precisely depending on the thoughts and feelings of the person who prepares it.

Feeding the mental body

The mental body is not very different from the astral body, being in close connection with it. In fact, the mental body is the seat of thoughts that intertwine with emotions and feelings. When there is imbalance at this level, it manifests itself through EGO.

Master Aivanhov says: “An initiate strives to study food in all its aspects: where it comes from, what it contains, what are the qualities that correspond to it …” “After a meal in such conditions, he leaves with such deep understanding of the events that he is ready to do the greatest works through thought.”

Therefore, I have always argued that when you become aware of the way a food acts, its nutrients and the nutritional indications, that food doubles its healing capacity. That’s why most recipes I put on the website contain a minimum of nutritional information.

Feeding the spiritual body

Beyond these four bodies, relatively easily to perceive and feel by each of us, there are still three other subtle bodies with a more spiritualized essence: the seat of judgment, of soul and of spirit. I consider them a single body and call it the spiritual body.

By feeding the spiritual body, you are feeding the relationship you have with God, with Mother and Heavenly Father.

As to how we can nourish the spiritual bodies, Master Aivanhov teaches us: “You can feed them by letting yourself be filled with a sense of gratitude to the Creator,” and “If you are able to feed the three higher bodies, the subtle particles that you have captured will be distributed all over the brain, in the solar plexus, in all organs. You will begin to realize that you have other needs and other joys of a higher nature and thus will be open to the greatest possibilities.”


“Yoga Nutrition” – the book of Master Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, was a revelation for me.

Who attended my nutritional consultations knows that I don’t recommend a single diet and that my nutritional program is adapted from case to case and includes recommendations for the energy, emotional, mental and spiritual area.

Besides, those who have subscribed to the website and downloaded the free resource, “A detox weekend”, can confirm this.

I believe that food is your medicine and yes, you can prevent or heal of any affection with food!

But we have to understand that food is more than what we see and eat. We can say that we are really eating when we bring food for all bodies: material / physical or subtle.

This is the concept of holistic nutrition, which I invite you, dear reader, to understand, know and practice! 

I’m Delia, holistic nutritionist, wellness advocate, beautiful soul and cancer survivor.

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