Why I don’t fight with the disease?

It is often said and you probably heard it too: fight the disease. “After struggling with the disease for years …”, “He has won the fight against the disease ….”, “She’s a survivor…” etc.

Well, adopting an attitude of this kind seems to be the second biggest mistake a person in a disease situation can do. (The first big mistake is the attitude of not wanting to heal, which can be considered a kind of suicidal act.)

I write this article based on my personal experience with the illness and the revelations I had during my journey. I write for those who are currently experiencing a state of illness, but also for those who have close ill friends / relatives / close relatives.

What is disease?

Disease cannot be considered an enemy. Starting from this idea, it is obvious that when you are diagnosed with a disease, you don’t start a fight with the disease.

The disease is, as the title of a very good book says, a new CHANCE! I know it sounds like a paradox. The first time I was diagnosed with the disease of the century, it all seemed very futile and for a while I did not understand how some people can say that illness changed their lives for good or that the disease is a new chance to life. At first glance, such people seemed hypocrites and I never imagined I could ever think like that.

But as time went on, and as the changes necessary for healing began to take place in my life, I also felt this: the disease I was diagnosed with changed my life for the better. Moreover, on a beautiful day, I realized that if I had not had this disease, I would have spent my life not knowing how to live. I would have had a common and sad existence, based on non-values. Only after the difficult moment – the year of 2011 – I woke up and I really started to live.


I consider illness to be an imbalance, an alarm signaling that something is wrong, that you are not in harmony with your surrounding world and that you need to make a change to correct this situation. I do not even like the word “illness” and I try, as far as possible, not to use it, because it has a negative connotation on the social level and places me on a low level of vibration. However, for ease of expression and understanding, in this article I will refer to an imbalance as “disease.”

Even more daring, I think the disease is the same, regardless of naming, manifestation, localization, treatment, and so on. The fact that there are different health conditions is nothing but forms of subtle imbalance.

And this subtle imbalance, to be able manifest itself in the form of a physical imbalance, of a disease, has to already exist in the subtle plans of the being: the spiritual plane (the three bodies), the mental plan, the emotional plane, the energy plan and finally – the physical body.

If we understand this important aspect, we also understand that healing takes place only when we heal all aspects of the disease, when we intervene on all the above-mentioned planes.

At the same time, the disease state is a reality of the moment. In the next second, it may not be the reality anymore. Each one of us has the ability to create our own reality! Take that :)!

Basically, if this hypothesis is true, then there is no incurable disease and healing is in our power!

Why not fight disease?

Beyond the fact that illness is not an enemy you fight with, there are two other important reasons why I consider the attitude of “fighting” fundamentally flawed.

The first is that the disease is manifested in the body of the affected person. When he engages in the fight with the disease, he actually struggles with his own body. Basically, there is a fight against its own cells, tissues, organs, systems. Which does not sound good, right?!

The second aspect relates to the fact that when the body is set on “fight mode”, the immune system weakens, and the stress is at maximum levels.

Whenever the nervous system maintains its intense activity for long periods of time, as is with the disease-fighting attitude, the immune system is atrophied, the cleansing and excretion functions are suppressed, and the toxic residues accumulate permanently in the body creating conditions conducive for the development of the disease, not for healing.

What is the proper attitude for healing?

The disease must be perceived as a messenger. And you know that saying: “Don’t shoot the messenger!”. Beyond the proper diagnosis, it is important to understand the message of the disease, which our soul is trying to convey to us. When you understand the message, the illness is 50% healed. When we solve the cause, the disease is 100% healed.

 However, today it is not necessarily about my belief. I want to present you the researches of a man of great value: Dr. David Hawkins and his Pyramid of Consciousness.

Dr. Hawkins says there are two great spiritual thresholds: level 200 and 500.

200 is the level of courage. This level represents a radical, profound change – a shift from destructive behavior that hurts to an upright life. It is the level of empowerment. It is the level where the individual no longer takes vital energy from those around him. Courage shows you that you do not need external conditions to live your life optimally. At this level, the individual realizes that he alone is responsible for his failure or success, for his own evolution and for everything that is happening to him. It is what makes us human: the awareness of the fact that we can choose what kind of response we give when facing external stimuli.

The next threshold is 500 – Level of Love. Love in this context is a way to exist.

According to the Hawkins Consciousness Pyramid, the alert area and disease state begins when you are stuck in negative feelings: pride, anger, desire, fear, bitterness, apathy, guilt and shame.

Anyone can figure out that fighting the disease state means placing yourself on a low vibrational level outside the consciousness.

A person can change radically and can move to levels of higher consciousness if he so desires.

 Attitude that promotes healing:

  • First of all: the desire to heal, because in its absence the patient cannot heal;
  • Taking responsibility: no one heals you – neither the doctor nor the therapist; only you are capable of healing with the help of God;
  • requesting Divine help through prayer;
  • moving to a higher level of vibration, level I of consciousness, by practicing forgiveness – of oneself and of others and of love – of oneself and of other, through optimism, trust, courage, compassion;
  • identifying the subtle causes of the disease and understanding the message of the disease;
  • solving these causes;
  • the healing of false beliefs (for example, a false belief would be that there are diseases so called terminal or incurable);
  • implementing all measures on all levels: physical, energetical, emotional, mental and spiritual;

When we want to heal, we should know that the disease is removed from top down and from inside out.  In translation, this means that we must act from the highest level (spiritual level) to the lowest (physical plane), allowing the removal from the inside (cell-level) to the outside (outside the body through excretory organs).

In conclusion, it is of great benefit for anyone affected by a state of illness, to eliminate the false beliefs he/she is in a struggle with the disease, to change the warlike attitude with a peaceful, harmonious and balanced attitude! And for those around him, the same attitude must be implemented to encourage the healing of the patient.

So, do not encourage people to fight the disease! Tell them instead to have faith and they will heal! HERE and NOW, because we are the Creators and healing is in our power! Thank the illness and let it go … as you would do with any messenger of peace.


I’m Delia, holistic nutritionist, wellness advocate, beautiful soul and cancer survivor.

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