whey cure

The whey cure : what our ancestors used for healing

I just came back from my vacation in Vaideeni – the village where my ancestors come from. This village is situated in the mountains, in the beautiful Valcea County (Romania). It is a traditional village of shepherds. So I went there for the Whey Cure and I discovered it’s blessings!

whey cure

“If everybody was fed with whey, doctors would go bankrupt!”

What is whey and why a whey cure?

Whey  is a valuable food obtained from the cheese making process. It contains macro and nutrient micro nutrients (vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, enzymes), and because of the lack of casein it is easily digestible compared to milk.

Whey is that yellow, sweet-sour liquid, which remains after the cheese. Although at the countryside is used for animal feed, drinking buttermilk is a traditional cure, the benefits of which have been known for hundreds of years. A buttermilk therapy  has results in many of the common illnesses.

WheyButtermilk protein is of very good quality, having almost all essential amino acids and being easy to assimilate. Buttermilk protein contains cysteine, an amino acid that promotes glutathione, absolutely necessary for the health of the immune system.

Whey contains a large amount of calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus, as well as vitamin B2 and probiotics.

You will see below that all these nutrients recommend whey therapy to treat a large number of diseases!

Whey is a medicine used since antiquity

The healing properties of the whey have been known since ancient Greek times. The legend says that Aphrodite used to bathe in whey baths. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, recommends whey therapy as an effective way to fight tuberculosis, hepatitis and skin disorders.

The Italians have a saying : “If everybody was fed with whey, doctors would go bankrupt!”.

In the middle of the 18th century in the mountains of Switzerland, Austria and Germany over 160 treatment centers were opened using therapy with whey.

As for the whey, I especially appreciate the fact that its healing properties have been recognized since antiquity and nowadays confirmed by scientific studies and research.

The whey cure is done today just as it was done centuries ago by our ancestors. Few remedies or therapies can boast of such a long history and a unanimous agreement as to its benefits.

The four great properties of the whey

  • Whey stimulates intestinal peristaltism

Proper functioning of the intestinal peristalsism is a very important factor for health. I guess you know the saying: “Health starts from the intestines.”

Whey has the ability to stimulate the muscles responsible for peristalsis due to its lactic acid content.

Whey has a laxative effect. It regulates digestion, being useful in case of chronic or occasional constipation. It’s really a better remedy than a synthetic laxative.

  • Regenerates the intestinal flora

Due to the content of lactose, whey inhibits the development of bacteria and germs unfit for the body, while nourishing and contributing to the development of beneficial intestinal flora.

A healthy intestinal flora also means a powerful immune system, good digestion, the disappearance of digestive problems such as bloating or flatulence. In particular, a whey cure is recommended after a period of antibiotic use or medication that has destroyed the normal balance of the intestinal flora.

  • Removes excess water from tissues

As I said above, whey contains a large amount of potassium. This electrolyte counterbalances sodium (salt) in excess. Unfortunately, our diet is very rich in salt and poor in potassium. One of the most common problems people have is excessive water in the tissues, due to inappropriate functioning of the kidneys and liver, sodium / potassium imbalance and excessive salt consumption. This can cause all sorts of affections: high blood pressure, lymphatic stasis, organ congestion, edema, etc.

The whey cure will regulate  in time all these problems.

  • Increases the detoxification capacity of the kidneys

The kidneys are, together with the liver, the main organs for the elimination of toxins and metabolic residues. Inappropriate kidney function leads to health problems. For example, gout is the disease caused by the presence uric acid in excess, which should be eliminated by the kidneys. Other problems caused by renal failure: rheumatism, osteoarthritis, eczema, etc.

Whey has the ability to clean kidney filters. It increases the ability of the kidneys to eliminate, and the whole body detoxifies, which is also confirmed by blood tests.

Whey therapy is beneficial for many health conditions

Whey is used in the treatment of cancer, HIV infection, hepatitis B, cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis. It increases body resistance and strengthens the immune system. Whey  is effective in pulmonary tuberculosis, in stomach and intestine diseases, in cases of obesity, constipation, even for infants. strengthens nails and hair, smooths the skin and softens it.

  • Whey cure for cancer

In cancer, the immune system is on the ground. Also, cancer patients undergo invasive treatments: surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormone therapy, and the body needs to be strengthened. Amino acids from buttermilk help to restore the body gradually, to regenerate the tissues affected by the disease, to repopulate beneficial intestinal flora. Half a pound of whey daily drink for one month, and anemia will be solved.

  • Whey and osteoporosis

Whey contains calcium and lactoferrin: two important nutrients for bone health.In comparison with milk, the buttermilk is alkaline.

Moreover, whey protein is extremely beneficial to muscle health. It is successfully used by athletes. And an important factor in treating osteoporosis is movement, gymnastics and muscle strengthening.

  • Whey therapy and weight control

Whey contains fewer calories: 48kcal / glass. It also helps to eliminate waste in the body, stops the hunger and is therefore a component increasingly common in all kinds of diets and weight loss cures. Whey melts fat. Whey proteins stimulate the body to produce cholecystokinin, a hormone that appears after the meal and gives the feeling of satiety and can help in weight loss. As I said, whey has a depurative effect, helping in some diseases such as gout.Drink 3 cups of whey a day, 30 minutes before meals, for two or three months.

  • Whey and beauty

The legend says that Aphrodite, goddess of beauty, made baths in whey.

Whey is highly recommended for both beauty and skin health. You can make whey masks, wash your face with it and even your hair.

One of the treats I am used to resort to is whey wheezing. In the bathtub filled with water,  pour 2 liters of buttermilk, 5 drops of essential rose oil and 500 grams of bitter salt. You can not imagine how velvety and fine I make my skin!

For eczema, you can use packs with whey, leave for action for one hour, then remove and let the treated area dry. Treatment is repeated every other day for two weeks.

Where to get your whey

From the countryside, I came with a whey flask and put it in 500 ml bottles in the freezer. I drink a bottle every day. When I need a bigger quantity (for bathrooms, for example), I buy it fresh from a goat farm around Bucharest. I’m sure you find a stall or a farm near your town, or you can talk to the peasants in the market to get it.

You can also use whey protein powder. 30 grams of powder equals 1 liter of whey. You can add it to smoothies, soups, etc.I recommend it especially for performance athletes. Or for those who experience cachexia and need a higher protein intake than they could get from eating.

If I have managed to raise your interest in the whey cure, our grandparent’s therapy, then try it and recommend it to your friends too!

For me, returning to origin is one of the keys to healing!

I’m Delia, holistic nutritionist, wellness advocate, beautiful soul and cancer survivor.

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